Is Leaded Fuel better than Unleaded? Let's find out!


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  • JH Z
    JH Z  6 hours back

    Can you somehow make an engine run on water like back in the 1900’s.

  • Xiaodong Wang
    Xiaodong Wang  16 hours back We can use better technology to replace leaded gasoline for our own living environment.

  • Steve Silvas
    Steve Silvas  22 hours back

    I've been running a 50/50 Ratio of Aviation Fuel & Unleaded Fuel In My 1980 GMC 350 V8 1/2 Ton P/U...No Cat..No Computer..RUNS GREAT AND SOUNDS GREAT WITH DUAL EXHAUSTED

  • English tech guy
    English tech guy  1 days back

    Phaser 3000 is the best

    • Thomas Marshall
      Thomas Marshall  1 days back

      Great vid as always!

    • Thomas Marshall
      Thomas Marshall  1 days back

      I can’t believe how much lead ended up in the combustion chamber and on the plug, running it for such a short time.

      I’m puzzled. How can a turbine engine function for such long durations on jet fuel if lead deposits that heavily? A lack of a pressurized combustion chamber?

      • Project Farm
        Project Farm   16 hours back

        Thank you! Running under load and at higher RPM likely helps.

    • remsterx
      remsterx  1 days back

      Can you test diesel products such as diesel kleen?

    • Lazlo the Instigator
      Lazlo the Instigator  1 days back

      Awesome my suggestion!

    • jordanwilliambuck
      jordanwilliambuck  1 days back

      Will a diesel engine run on used motor oil. Or how much used motor oil can you mix with diesel and still have a diesel engine run.

    • Krankie V
      Krankie V  1 days back

      In small engines the only reasonable performance increases you should expect are due to better energy density of the fuel due to having no ethanol content. It's not so much about the lead or even the octane rating. I use 100LL in higher performance and higher compression engines where higher octane is needed. Never in EFI engines with o2 sensors because the lead fouls the sensors over time. It also fouls catalytic converters. I also use it in engines which don't get used as often because it is more stable than e10 gas. Again in this case it isn't about the lead or the octane but the stability that matters to me.

      It's also worth noting that in my research on this fuel, that I've read that even though they call it "low lead" due to a reduction in lead content over previous aviation fuels, it still has more lead content than road fuel has ever had. In my old truck I mix it with 91 octane ethanol free fuel to reduce the lead content to avoid buildup. It works great that way.

    • The heart of ford
      The heart of ford  2 days back

      How about testing ratchets to see witch brand can take the most abuse

    • FLA Son
      FLA Son  2 days back

      I was wondering if AP fuel is really better than pump gas .

      • Shea Sollars
        Shea Sollars  2 days back

        Hey great video, but if you're going to mention a video, can you please reference it in description? Annotations don't work here.

      • NoNonsenseKnowHow
        NoNonsenseKnowHow  2 days back

        How about a video to compare 5 or 10 year aged gasoline with fresh gasoline? (Maybe test flash point and some flame comparison with that clear cylinder head) Ive have gasoline sit for 5+ years and used it without any issues. Anyway great vid and I just added you to the "suggested channels" section on my YT channel. Keep up the awesome work bringing us pure results.

      • Remington Bradley
        Remington Bradley  3 days back

        Can we see what happens when gasoline is run in a diesel engine/vise versa

      • Dpigskin10
        Dpigskin10  3 days back

        What about a permanent marker competition. Sharpie, Milwaukee inkzall, cheaper brands. Tests of permanence, hot/cold, dirty surface, and amount of ink per pen.

      • Michael Stewart
        Michael Stewart  3 days back

        Even as an general aviation A&P leaded fuels are pointless and largely result in wasted time cleaning spark plugs for pilots who don’t understand peak richness.

      • Nails Wood
        Nails Wood  3 days back

        Looking at that aviation SDS and I wonder of which cancers you are at higher risk?

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   3 days back

          Thank you. The SDS for hand sanitizer is even worse!

      • Carl W.
        Carl W.  3 days back

        I would like to see you test the claim that Marvel Mystery oil added to gas increases engine life by improved lubricity of piston rings in cylinders. MMO should reduce friction. Use your bearing test fixture with gasoline and MMO at the recommended level.

      • ToughAncientSpark
        ToughAncientSpark  3 days back

        Didn't you do this before?

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   3 days back

          Thank you. I tested Jet Fuel, but not Avgas.

      • Steffen Dhonau
        Steffen Dhonau  3 days back

        Could you try run an engine on ed's red? It's for gun cleaning mixture of ATF kerosene terpentine and acetone.

      • Redston_1
        Redston_1  4 days back

        Kitchen and skin oils vs 10w-30. Like vegetable, olive, coconut, etc.

      • ww3sabiture
        ww3sabiture  4 days back

        i can for a fact say 100LL is better then most fuels found at a gas station due to the fact it has almost no water its also got no ethenal and stays good much longer. we winterize everything with the stuff and it never fails to start next spring

      • ziaride
        ziaride  4 days back

        I wouldn't say leaded fuel is better but not running it in engines that were designed for it can be a problem. Valve seat recession on 70's and 80's BMWs from running unleaded for example is a well known issue that can only be solved by expensive procedure of replacing valve seats.

      • Mike Chrysler
        Mike Chrysler  4 days back

        Great video as always. Keep them coming.

      • Shanna H
        Shanna H  5 days back

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        Is Leaded Fuel better than Unleaded? Let's find out!
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        • Pnoid News
          Pnoid News  5 days back

          So after watching I wanna say I love your channel first. Second, you gotta force more air in with higher octane. And let it breath out better. The exhaust will act as a choke on the back side building up just enough pressure to limit gains.

        • 600bubba
          600bubba  5 days back

          I run 100ll in my 2stroke motorized bike but wonder if you can see what a stock 2 stroke engine kit would do on nitrous

          • 600bubba
            600bubba  3 days back

            Project Farm makes the best engine kits imo on my red bike I have his super stock r race engine it easily will do 50+mph

          • Project Farm
            Project Farm   5 days back

            Thank you!

        • jozsab1
          jozsab1  5 days back

          Could you do a test what is the effect of oxigen enriched air intake ? Maybe pure oxigen ? Would the efficiency go up ? Would the engine be stronger ? How much more would it cost to mix air intake with oxigen ?

        • Numer1Polak
          Numer1Polak  5 days back

          I run it in my yz250 2 stroke dirtbike as a cheap alternative to racegas, as so do a lot of people that dont wanna run expensive racegas in their old beater bikes.

        • Joshua Hale
          Joshua Hale  5 days back

          Could you please try some of the coolant leak products

        • Louis-Philippe St-Jean

          Some people with modern diesel engines (common rail) put 2 stroke oil or atf in a 200:1 ratio on their tank because ultra low sulfur fuel is supposedly lacking of lubricity for the pump and injectors. It would be interesting to see on the lubricity tester how normal diesel and diesel with different lubricants or additives makes difference or not. Thank you!

        • Felthry
          Felthry  5 days back

          I'm surprised you can still even get leaded gasoline.

          • juanito506
            juanito506  5 days back

            That's only for GA reciprocating piston aircraft (Piper, Cessna, Beechcraft, etc.)

        • bill bares
          bill bares  5 days back

          Leaded gas is a higher octane than unleaded

        • William McDermott
          William McDermott  5 days back

          You should do a fuel comparison between "top tier" fuels to see which one is the best, most cost effective, cleanest, ect..

          • Adventures in mopeding

            Have you ever heard of the fuel stable called PRI-G you could do a video comparing different fuel stabilization products. That one also claims to restore fuel. You could also test that. Keep the good videos coming.

          • R1 Powersports
            R1 Powersports  6 days back

            Project idea: I saw a video where waste plastic was turned back into oil by heating/melting the plastic and venting the exhaust through a water bath. Wonder if you could use this oil as fuel? Great videos! Keep it up!

          • Kim Bergeron
            Kim Bergeron  6 days back

            YOur videos keep getting better and better.
            This shows that 100LL has a LOT more lead than lead-free (I know this SHOULD be obvious, but talk to the average person)

            I especially like how when you give a piece of data you give the before also (REALLY LIKE THIS!).
            Once again, thanks.

          • James Kelly
            James Kelly  6 days back

            Great drone shots!

          • Texas Buzzard
            Texas Buzzard  6 days back

            Super cool video and clips. I’ve been running avgas in my small engines for the last 8 yrs, so I was really interested in the results. I feel like this video needed a conclusion... after watching I don’t know.. that was a lot of lead build up

          • 8hour
            8hour  6 days back

            Great, cheap and very stable for high compression drag racing engines!!!

          • chauncey williams
            chauncey williams  6 days back

            Hope you didn't breathe that lead fuel exhaust

          • Cory Savage
            Cory Savage  6 days back

            I just want to say great work on the video. I hope that you had a lo of fun making the video. I never heard of this type a fuel before. I would like to see you try testing table saw blades to see if brands makes a difference or not. As always I am looking forward to the new video that is coming out on Monday again. I would just like to say one last thing take care in' till next time!

          • Jay Aldridge
            Jay Aldridge  6 days back

            Awesome video.

          • Warlordzero1
            Warlordzero1  6 days back

            What we do not realize is the amount of ENERGY in the see through cylinder head quite amazing thank you for your hard work.

          • Ntrain1919
            Ntrain1919  6 days back

            Can you test Redline fuel system cleaner? Maybe compare it to ones you already have tested like Marvel and Seafoam?

          • Justin Wallace
            Justin Wallace  6 days back

            The lead is not good for the 4 stroke engines. Todays 100LL contains far more lead than car gas ever did. About 4X as much. I run it in my two strokes, and generator due to the long storage life. Rated at 5 years for aviation use, shelf-life is more like 10 years.

          • Greg Huth
            Greg Huth  6 days back

            #Suggestion - I had a guy tell me that the often used starting fluid is dangerous: "A fire hazard." He suggested using WD40, saying it was every bit as good. I am interested. Thanks.